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Wohr Chemistry

WÖHR Química is a company dedicated to the development and manufacture of chemical products, which aims to supply high quality and high technology products.
WOHR Química manufactures chemical products that include agrochemicals, metal treatment products, a complete line of household cleaners and everything related to hygiene in the food industry

At the service of the industry:


 Coating strippers

Phosphate coating

Corrosion Inhibitors

Chrome plating agents

Anti-sticking agents

Fertilizer and adjuvants technology at the service of agriculture.

Sanitary control in different processes and different types of surfaces:






Concentrated cleaning agents in a variety of fragrances for kitchens, bathrooms, floors and furniture. Superior cleaning and high performance.

Personal hygiene

Shampoo, hand soap and alcohol gel.


For taking proper care of your clothes, high foaming and low foaming cleaners, liquid laundry detergent and washing powder, fabric softeners, stain removers and fabric perfumes, in a variety of fragrances.


Complete line of products and accessories for caring and maintaining of house pools and professional pools.


Products for the care of the interior and exterior of vehicles, glass cleaner, silicone paste, tire restorer, siliconized car wash soap and engine degreaser.


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