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About Us

About Us

T.I.M.E. S.A.I.C. Company founded in 1883 in Esperanza, first organized agricultural colony in the country founded in 1856. Our organization has four large business areas aimed at providing different solutions.


Metalworking area with more than 50 years of experience in the fabrication of machinery for the food industry. We specialize in dehydration, cutting, milling and classification, covering the needs of the producers of tea, yerba mate, aromatic herbs, medicinal herbs, fruits, hops, etc. in the country, and abroad.

Our experience in said processes allows to effectively advise the producing companies and provide technical-economical solutions adapted to their projects.



For 135 years, this area has been dedicated to the fabrication of home goods, and has seen the Company grow since it’s beginnings.

Starting in 1883 with the fabrication of wood burning stoves, this iconic area of the company continues to grow, incorporating new products destined to increase the comfort in our homes.

Following the Company’s vision, and trying to be one step ahead of the market, we use new and modern technologies focusing on the competitivity and quality of our products.



This area is focused primarily on the provision of highly specialized engineering services in the aeronautics area. We count with capacity to develop systems and equipment for aircrafts, aeronautical testings, assembly fixtures, ground support systems and joint project coordination.
It’s worth mentioning the passion for aeronautics present in the company’s directory, and alongside with our team, we are at your disposal, with the objective of helping you surpass your present and future technological challenges.



Knowing the importance of the commercial operations in a company, we dedicate this area to the provision of commercial representation services, by wich we offer a partener to represent and promote your products or services.

We aim to boost the commercialization of the represented products or services, providing our experience in the industrial sector, maling an effort to increase your sales.