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Special Projects

Special Projects

Due to its nature, projects usually require a different skillset than that of the usual operation in an industry. Our special projects area is dedicated to facing this kind of challenges, having the capacity to manage projects and bring adequate solutions to our clients’ requirements..

A project is a unique undertaking, which has a defined scope, and has to be executed over a fixed period of time, within certain costs. Projects are usually oriented towards new developments or solving specific problems.

lifecycle of the project

Work Methodology

Broadly speaking, the usual methodology of work consists of:
● First approach. In this step the clients introduce themselves and give a brief description of their needs.
● Communicactional exchanges with the objective of more accurately determining the client’s needs and defining the scope of the project. An evaluation is made, in which the project is analyzed in depth. The economic and technical proposals are made once the evaluation is finished.
● Planning, taking in consideration the needs of the project. It´s usually at this stage that a person can be designed as focal point, who’ll be in charge of the management activities of the counterpart and will monitor the project.
● Execution of the neccesary tasks to complete the project.
● Closing processes.

Development of a new product

One of the most usual types of project in the industries is the development of a new product.
Normally a product is born as an idea, then a design cycle is made (firsty conceptual design, then preliminary design, en finally detail design). After that a prototype is built, and once the pertinent tests are done, the production starts.
The image below shows a diagram which represents how the development process progresses in it’s different evolutions. The left column contains the different evolutions, the top row shows the different phases, and the diagonal shows the activities and documentation in their corresponding state.


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