High performance wood heater

Efficient, modern and ecological heater. Its system, of double slow combustion and of low consumption of firewood, does not produce smoke or smell to the environment. Check the inside of the refractory material, in its front part, a glass ceramic viewer that allows you to observe the flame.

Wood Stove

The classic wood-burning stoves made of cast iron are resistant and durable over time. In the countryside they are indispensable, giving the food a special flavor that can only be obtained by cooking wood. In your modern home, we can give you that retro and unique touch to your decoration, offering you a warm, special and friendly atmosphere.

Gastronomy Products


Suitable for slow and prolonged cooking, traditionally required for the preparation of stews, stews and stews, they are ideal for use in the home or in the embers.


For use with coal or flames, it is ideal for outdoor use, especially for camping. It has a side hole to give access to the air and remove the ash, it has a grid to support everything you want to heat.


Traditional and durable. In its two striped or smooth versions, it has given us a uniform heating that ensures a fast cooking and a couple over its entire surface.


Bricelet Skillet

The first immigrants of Swiss origin left us among their legacies the bricelet, a very special sweet cookie. The Bricelet iron is needed for its production. Made of cast iron, ensures a uniform cooking, with support base for greater comfort in its use, both in gas stove, wood or coal.

Cauldrons – three-legged pot

Ideal for frying or browning, it is an excellent option for long-cooking stews. They are excellent to carry out, since they can be placed directly on the flames and / or embers.


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